Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago!

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Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago! Empty Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago!

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Around Mid August to the end of August, the Parang Season Starts. For those of us who don't know, parang is a type of music in Trinidad about Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ, sung in spanish. It was created as a result of our spanish influence, although this is now currently being disputed. The parang season is a season where several parang bands begin to compete for the title of Parang Band of the Year (I can't remember the official title)

Parang sounds mildly similar to Music heard during Cinco de Mayo, but the main difference in the instruments used.
Here's a link to one of Trinidad's most renowned parangderos Daisy Voisin, with her song "Sereno Sereno"

Sereno Sereno - Daisy Voisin

In September, "TCS" begins to trickle into the country, at least for me, because one of my favourate radio stations, and one of the more popular ones in the country begin their "Sweet 100 Days of Christmas". During this time, they play Parang and Soca Parang, a more commercialized version of Parang with Trinidad's very vibrant and uptempo Soca. However, this is usually not the case, as Soca Parang and Parang's main difference is the use of English instead of spanish lol.

Here's an example of Trinidad's Soca Parang.
Soca Parang - Christmas Again

Then usually around the end of November, Christmas shopping begins, the malls fill up, businesses extend their opening hours etc. Usually however, people of other religions, like Hinduism etc. leave their lights instead of taking them down from celebrating Divali and celebrate Christmas! They just celebrate the togetherness of everyone though (although they put up trees etc.)

the week of christmas people can be seen painting and cleaning and buying decorations, people just get excited!

Christmas eve however, is usualy VERY and I cannot stress how much, VERY BUSY. Malls are CRAMMED! people usually are now baking their Christmas Ham and Turkey, making their fruit cake (we call it black cake) and they're usually like very excited but very stressed!

and then Finally Christmas is here!

The usual happens, people open gifts etc., nothing much different from the rest of the world lol

Thats BASICALLY my country's christmas tradition. I don't think I left out anything O.o whats your country's?


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